hippie, high-end or hip-hop – leopard print is here to stay!

Earlier this year – the buyers at Net-a-porter decided they wanted a clean slate – and remove the spots! Unfortunately for them, everyone else in the world didn’t feel the same way. Their clean slate didn’t last that long as Ms. Rogers and her team began to attend shows and visit designers’ showrooms to see the fall collections.

“When Burberry does leopard, you can’t ignore it.” – So they didn’t.

Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, said that leopard as a style statement dates back to 17th-century French aristocrats. Christian Dior included leopard-print looks in his famed 1947 “New Look” collection. Yves Saint Laurent used the provocative print in the ’80s; in the ’90s, Dolce & Gabbana practically adopted the animal as its mascot.

“When you look at images of women who wore it, they were these great movie stars with a lot of mystique.”

Ms. Fargo said of leopard’s deeply rooted appeal. Still, high glamour is only one role that leopard plays. It’s the Meryl Streep of trends. It can suit a rock chick’s rebellion; it can be hippie, high-end or hip-hop. Small wonder these spots stubbornly refuse to fade.


Among Tumblr’s Top 20 Reblogged Fashion Terms Of 2013: Hipster, Goth, Boho

I think we’ve all run into the non-hipster, hipsters at least once!


Tumblr released it’s list of the most reblogged fashion terms of 2013, and while some are surprising, others were fairly predictable. So, what’s big among the Tumblr crew? Well, hipsters. And grunge. And swag, apparently.

The full list:

  1. Hipster
  2. Grunge
  3. Indie
  4. Pale
  5. Swag
  6. Pastel
  7. Rosy
  8. Girly
  9. Boho
  10. Street style
  11. Hippie
  12. Retro
  13. Menswear
  14. Floral
  15. KFashion
  16. Goth
  17. Glasses
  18. Sunglasses
  19. Lace
  20. Pastel goth

The most reblogged term of the year was hipster — a person everyone wants to talk about, but nobody actually claims to be.

What else can we discern from this list? Girls love pastels, and all things pretty and pink. There are nine terms on the list that relate directly to super feminine fashion trends, with terms liike pastel, rosy, girly and floral. Tumblr users are also pulling from the past for inspiration. It’s interesting that terms like “hippie,” and “grunge” would be found on the list, given that their…

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Oscar de la Renta collaborates with The Outnet

Oscar de la Renta is back for another round at The Outnet, launching his latest collaboration with the high end discount e-tailer with Russian powerhouse, Miroslava Duma as the face. For those who aren’t familiar with Duma’s IRL pursuits, the global street style star is the founder of fashion news website Buro247 as well as the digital media director at Russian department store, Tsum.

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“Oscar de la Renta’s style is very classic, very uptown—it makes you feel confident, chic and elegant.”  It’s the perfect storm for de la Renta fans: bold prints, embellished jackets, structured but feminine silhouettes in bright jewel tones, cotton sundresses in ikat print, polka dot and stripes. As Duma puts it, the designs are statements in and of themselves.

To view more and to shop visit The Outnet Here